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ChristCenteredApologeticsSTUDYGUIDEConsider purchasing my book, Christ-Centered Apologetics, now on sale through Crosslink Publishers. The book is a rarely-found marriage of evangelism and apologetics, which makes the point that, in order to prove the existence of God, the truth of Christianity, and to preach the Gospel, there is only one point you have to devote yourself to defending: the resurrection of Christ.

The book then makes a comprehensive and well-rounded case for the resurrection of Christ, and gives you a lesson in how to talk about it to a jaded and skeptical world.

Pick up your copy now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or directly through the publisher here:

Christ-Centered Apologetics: Sharing the Gospel with Evidence

Or see a few interviews with the author at these locations:


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Joel Furches has been writing and teaching in the area of Apologetics since 2011. He has written for The Examiner, Bible Translation Magazine and the Christian Apologetics Alliance official Newsletter. He is a member of both the Christian Apologetics Alliance and Ratio Christi. He also has a book on Christian Apologetics published through Crosslink Publishers. Joel's background is in psychology, and he has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Education.

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